Below are the students currently enrolled in the MFA program:

Maria Anderson, fiction
Kristi Banker, nonfiction
Khalym Kari Burke-Thomas, poetry
Dominick Duhamel, fiction
Manasseh Franklin, nonfiction
Carly Fraysier, nonfiction
Erin Rae Jones, nonfiction
Liz Kulze, fiction
Ammon Medina, poetry
Bethann Merkle, nonfiction
Chido Muchemwa, nonfiction
Ryan Oberhelman, fiction
Alec Osthoff, fiction
Emily Pifer, nonfiction
Lilly Schneider, fiction
Kristin Sloane, poetry
Jeff Tatay, poetry
Randall Tyrone, poetry
Jess White, nonfiction
Kat Williams, nonfiction
Trey Williams, fiction

You can also go here for complete profiles.


One thought on “Students

  1. Love the student blog and love this kind of interaction. Our project would love to see some submissions from your program. The Masters Review exclusively publishes graduate-level creative writing. Each spring we publish the top ten stories from students in MA, MFA, and PhD creative writing programs, with the aim of exposing emerging talent to editors, agents, and other authors. Submissions open!

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