more literature

htmlgiant posted an interview w/jesse ball (for your consideration, plz).

‘JB: Well, you could say that I have gotten better at knowing what I need to do.’

‘JB: Last April I hurt my knee doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I have been out of commission since then, however I just had an operation to fix the knee, and will be back at it soon.

I have always been obsessed with contests — both physical, as in boxing, wrestling, etc, or mental, as in chess or go. I like when fighters or chess players demonstrate willpower. It is an underappreciated quality.’

And when you are finally caught and questioned,
it is discovered, sadly, that you know
nothing of use. Your captors exchange glances, nod.
You are released in the freedom of some afternoon,

some autumn of the year, your coat, hat, returned
as if to continue your life. Now it is you
in the world again. In yellowing rooms, life
becomes no more than the places where it occurs.
At the pier in darkness, parades will cross the water,
visible but once. Or I could say

I saw the wind coming hard along the river
touching all it passed.

How are things consequent? When they catch you
again, what will you say? That all things
may be weighed, may be raised and weighed
by two human hands?