the oral tradition.

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untraditional atlas project

new story – by mfa’er irina zhorov – up @ the wpr:

Rebecca Solnit, a visiting writer from San Francisco [is] currently working with students at the University of Wyoming to make an untraditional atlas of Laramie. The product will be a unique perspective of the city that, Solnit hopes, will make people see and explore their own home through new eyes. Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov reports.


“Cattle, centaurs, chickens, dachshunds, gorillas, grunion, horses, humans, mice, monarch butterflies, mountain lions, mutts, racehorses, raccoons, starlings and wood ducks … You’ll find all these, and more, in Creative Nonfiction’s Animals issue!”

who would write about grunions and romance? kelly herbinson, that’s who.  being published for the first time in the winter 2011 issue of the highly regarded journal Creative Nonfiction, this second year uwyo mfa student gets in touch with her wild side — as per usual.

Thousands of sardine-sized grunion amass just off shore. They swim in tight, oscillating schools just beneath the surface. Anticipation mounts and swirls among them, their chemistry in tune with the heaving tidal undercurrents.

good work, kelly. and we look forward to seeing more of your work out there in the future!

the written word.

congrats to Katiecakes Schmid who has four poems up at Hot Metal Bridge! in her second year at the UW MFA, Katiecakes hails from Chicago with an undergraduate degree from Millikin University.  she is poetry editor at The Dirty Napkin, and was selected for Meridian’s Best New Poets of 2009 anthology.  Katiecakes had her first taste of real fame this past november when she showed up at the cheyenne mall on black friday riding this cow with six legs.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov reports.

first-year nonfiction student irina zhorov perfects her npr voice in this feature for Wyoming Public Radio.  to read more from irina, in her own words, check out her blog.  we internet stalked her for just a moment and this was what we found:

“I dreamt that I was dying from thirst and when I woke up next afternoon, still wearing gloves, I found a plastic bag full of cooked llama ribs by my bedside. I had llama blood on my cheeks.”

you gotta love nonfiction.