in the other room

y’all. please check out the other room journal for the latest: a story entitled “cooks” written by our very own program director beth loffreda.

“The quesadillas were being made by the daughter. These consisted of tortillas folded over beans and sliced avocado and grated cheese, which were then warmed and browned in a pan. The mother had eaten an early lunch, but hoped to also participate in this later one. She asked for a half-quesadilla–she did not wish to be a bother. This request was greeted with incredulity and scorn.”

–Beth Loffreda is director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Wyoming.  Her fiction has recently appeared in Epoch, and her nonfiction includes the book Losing Matt Shepard.


we would like to say a big-hearted congratulations to stephanie dugger.  this poetry/non-fiction mfa’er, and southern belle, won the Ellbogen Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching Award. awarded by Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, part of the Office of Academic Affairs, this is UW’s highest honor for graduate student teachers.  besides being the hardest working person we have ever known, completing two theses (one per genre), stephanie also happens to be a generally awesome person.  though her virtues as a teacher are many, we like to cite the time her entire classroom broke into song, singing Come Together by the Beatles, in unison, as proof that this woman was born to teach — thus, the most heartwarming pedagogical moment since Stand & Deliver.   mr. holland can take his opus and shove it.  nice work, dugga’ — you are an inspiration to us all.

destined for greatness

Stephanie Dugger is a second-year student in uwyo MFA and associate poetry editor at The Dirty Napkin.  she writes poetry and nonfiction and lives nomadically with her husband and two rambunctious dogs.

sounds of the mtn, pnk

in the words of our dearest scott pinkmountain:

Much chatter on the network this week, but things are afoot. It’s been a busy 50,000 years of sapien sub-dominance finally coming to mezzo-fruition. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, without further ado, the second EYES record is now finished and available for download. This record was a labor of love and tears and we hope it brings you something good. The album is called DUST and we recorded it to 8-track tape back in the German mid-70s.

In case you weren’t around at the end of the last decade, EYES was a band I played in back in the Bay Area phase of my experimentation.

I hope this finds you all well and with hungry ears.

Scott Pnkmtn

download the album at the link above, and check out EYES at their own blogspot.