sounds of the mtn, pnk

in the words of our dearest scott pinkmountain:

Much chatter on the network this week, but things are afoot. It’s been a busy 50,000 years of sapien sub-dominance finally coming to mezzo-fruition. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, without further ado, the second EYES record is now finished and available for download. This record was a labor of love and tears and we hope it brings you something good. The album is called DUST and we recorded it to 8-track tape back in the German mid-70s.

In case you weren’t around at the end of the last decade, EYES was a band I played in back in the Bay Area phase of my experimentation.

I hope this finds you all well and with hungry ears.

Scott Pnkmtn

download the album at the link above, and check out EYES at their own blogspot.


its official: our alum Samuel Renken has won the Holland Prize from Logan House press and will see his collection of poems (much of which was first written for his thesis) published in the fall. we dug around and found some of Mr. Renken’s work up at the university website (posted back in 2009 in honor of the uw recognized “national day of the cowboy”).  congrats sam! you’re an inspiration to all thesis-writing mfa cats.

and then i heard the name “wyoming” uttered on national television (gasp)

but, of course, the attention was not positive.  in this daily show clip jon stewart delivers a passionate rant against republicans for blocking a congressional bill that would’ve provided health care for 9/11 first responders.

then in an extremely half-assed attempt at researching wyoming politics, which after 1+ years here i only know to consist of the state’s adopting “cowboy ethics” as official state code, i found the following hard-hitting question posted on an online forum:

Is WY conservative or more liberal? I heard that there aren’t many abortions but there also live many atheist’s…

i heard the name “wyoming” uttered one other time on national television, also on comedy central. it was an episode of southpark where the boyz are looking out a bedroom window and one of them yells, “there’s a meteor the size of wyoming coming at us!”

wyoming is so consistently not considered.  it seems to be seen, by many,  as the lesser montana.  people ask me frequently how life is in wisconsin.  in the public eye its brokeback mountain and, sometimes, did you hear about the morgans? having come here from los angeles, from neighborhoods i see so regularly on tv shows and in commercials, i watch reality tv to see glimpses of home in the background.  because of this, when wyoming comes up it startles me.  there is no abundance of representation except through the enduring image of the american west, the cowboy. it worries me when a place, full of people who are people and lives that are lives and history that is history, gets oversimplified and seen so rarely and for all the wrong reasons.  i’m not saying that wyoming is all good.  but, its also not so bad.  most people won’t get to see it, and furthermore have no interest in hearing about it at all.

next week, i’m going to be in california. in 80 degree weather apparently.  eating burritos and walking on the beach.  and its worlds away from here. and i’ll be answering questions like, “so how’s wisconsin?”

–estella soto

peopled places


downtown laramie was overrun last night by folks in town for the boise state broncos v wyoming cowboys game taking place tonight.  people, including most of our program, were drinking in the streets. booze in hand, (and in pocket, and in purse) it was nice to stand in a crowd.  when you live in place where there are said to be more antelope than people, weaving through bodies mingled together on a sidewalk is a rare treat.