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courtesy of katiecakes schmid:
Claudia Rankine responds to a poem by Tony Hoagland. Go to her website to read her really interesting AWP post and Open Letter requesting submissions about writing on race. She also posts a link to Hoagland’s poem. Read Seth Abramson’s post too. It’s really interesting. The best I’ve seen on the internet in regards to this subject. Mostly I’ve just seen “tony hoagland tells rankine his poem is for white people” as the headline and lede.

Claudia Rankine is friend to the UW MFA. brought here as a distinguished author by the program’s Visiting Writer Series in Fall 2009, she taught a workshop in poetry to mfa students across genres.


literature party. yes, plz.

event info courtesy of htmlgiant:
Literature Party is a reading that’s more of a dance, and it’s intended to benefit 826DC… [there will be] a short reading to kick off the event, because this is AWP, after all. It’s going to feature Amelia Gray… Tao Lin… and Patrick Somerville… There will also be immersive performances, too. You can have Melissa Broder read your fortune, for instance. You can confess your publishing sins to Richard Nash. Go head to head with Giancarlo DiTrapano in arm wrestling.