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“As a teenager, University of Wyoming creative-writing professor Brad Watson tested his talents in Hollywood. He wound up as a garbage man.”

a nice write up about our beloved brad watson.


congratulations to the wonderful katiecakes schmid!  her poem “daughter psalms” won an AWP award and is going to be featured in “Quarterly West”.  we are happy for you katie, and think that you should feel very very good about life.  celebrate. dance like no one’s watching.

open letter on Race and The Imagination

moving forward from the controversy surrounding Claudia Rankine’s reading @awp, the responses to her Open Letter request can now be read online.

courtesy of beth loffreda:
Spent the last week in LA working with Claudia to get the responses organized and posted; and both Danielle [Pafunda] and I have our own up there.  Would love it if more folks wanted to send in responses—

an education.

please check it out: read some, think some, write some & send.

make your own map

courtesy of luling osofsky:
article about laramie atlas project written up in casper star tribune. too bad there’s a picture of me making a weird face, but i think it’s a good article!

a taste of india.

Part of a Masters in Fine Arts nonfiction workshop at the University of Wyoming, each map designer will explore what it means to live in Laramie, both on map and in essay, said English professor Alyson Hagy [mfa core faculty member]. The project, called “Laramie: A Gem City Atlas,” was inspired by San Francisco artist and author Rebecca Solnit. Eventually it will include not only students in the fine arts class, but also art students, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center students and hopefully the state-wide community, all with maps displayed in UW’s Art Museum in May and June.

wyoming leads the nation…

in smokeless tobacco use.
we were slightly bemused to see this headline in the laramie boomerang.  in the reader comments section online, the debate rages on:

banned wrote on Feb 25, 2011 7:59 AM:
“This is a nasty habit and should be banned on college campuses. It is disgusting to sit next to someone spitting into a cup or trashcan all semester.”

To banned… wrote on Feb 25, 2011 10:59 AM:
“Just because you deem a habit to be ‘disgusting’ doesn’t give you the right to prevent other adults from making the choice to engage in said habit. To me, self-satisfied, smug, superior manner-police calling to ban everything they don’t like is “disgusting,” but here you are with your right to comment. Quit trying to Big Brother everyone else and let adults do what they will with themselves, so long as they’re prepared to suffer the consequences. ”

since many of us teach intro to composition here at the university, and one of the readings we assign our students discusses the concept of Big (and little) Brothers in the Orwellian sense of the phrase, we cannot help but think: maybe  we are reaching them.  we are giving them the tools necessary in life to fight for the causes in which they truly and passionately believe.

wyoming: through with chew?

in the blogosphere

interesting things are afoot.

courtesy of katiecakes schmid:
Claudia Rankine responds to a poem by Tony Hoagland. Go to her website to read her really interesting AWP post and Open Letter requesting submissions about writing on race. She also posts a link to Hoagland’s poem. Read Seth Abramson’s post too. It’s really interesting. The best I’ve seen on the internet in regards to this subject. Mostly I’ve just seen “tony hoagland tells rankine his poem is for white people” as the headline and lede.

Claudia Rankine is friend to the UW MFA. brought here as a distinguished author by the program’s Visiting Writer Series in Fall 2009, she taught a workshop in poetry to mfa students across genres.

untraditional atlas project

new story – by mfa’er irina zhorov – up @ the wpr:

Rebecca Solnit, a visiting writer from San Francisco [is] currently working with students at the University of Wyoming to make an untraditional atlas of Laramie. The product will be a unique perspective of the city that, Solnit hopes, will make people see and explore their own home through new eyes. Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov reports.