Joy Williams featured in NYT Magazine


Last week New York Times Magazine featured a profile with the brilliant Joy Williams. We still can’t really believe how lucky we are to have Joy as a Writer in Residence. She’ll be spending the month of October in Laramie and we’re all really looking forward to her visit.

From the profile:

“Williams seems to be searching for nothing less than a kind of artistic transfiguration, one in which humanity’s role in fiction is lessened decidedly. ‘Short stories need to touch people on a deeper level, a deeper, stranger level,’ she told me that night, ‘and they don’t.’ When I asked Williams what she wants out of a great story, she replied, ‘I want to be devastated in some way.'”

this american {crow} life.

“There aren’t too many animals in Wyoming that can outsmart humans. But there is one. You probably see it everyday, and it most likely knows more about you than you think. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kelly Herbinson brings us this latest piece in her intermittent series on Wyoming animals.”

Kelly Herbinson is a nonfiction writer/mfa’er hailing from the great state of california.  she won the science fair five times between 1988 and 1995; she was the California State Surfing Champion in 1996, and she set the record for shoe sales at shoe biz shoestores in san francisco in 2000.  now kelly spends her time studying animals and writing about them. her work has also appeared in Creative Nonfiction.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Kathryn Flagg visits a ranch near Cheyenne for this report.

nonfiction mfa’er Katie Flagg explores the difficulties facing wyoming’s aspiring ranchers in her story for wyoming public radio. according to ms. Flagg:

“the news director told me that at times it sounds like everyone in my story is going to die. Apparently I have to work on making my ‘public radio voice’ a bit happier…”

Kathryn “Katie” Flagg is co-founder of YONTA, a new journal that focuses on art and science and the art of science. first issue due out this summer.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov reports.

in her latest story for wyoming public radio, nonfiction mfa’er irina zhorov examines how and why beetle kill in the region is still no bueno:

“Millions of acres of timber are dying off due to the bark beetle. Entrepreneurs are attempting to make the best of the decimation. But, despite efforts by the Forest Service to make the logs accessible, there are many factors that make things difficult for these fledgling businesses. Startup loans are hard to come by, the infrastructure is missing, competition is grave, and no one seems to be buying. Irina Zhorov reports that, with four million acres of beetle kill in the region, these business’ success or failures could make the difference in whether the timber is wasted or not.”

open letter on Race and The Imagination

moving forward from the controversy surrounding Claudia Rankine’s reading @awp, the responses to her Open Letter request can now be read online.

courtesy of beth loffreda:
Spent the last week in LA working with Claudia to get the responses organized and posted; and both Danielle [Pafunda] and I have our own up there.  Would love it if more folks wanted to send in responses—

an education.

please check it out: read some, think some, write some & send.