good news!

let him undress you with his eyes.

Yonta Journal is up & running & looking for submissions. The brainchild of two nonfiction mfa’ers – Katie Flagg & Irina Zhorov – this new journal focuses on art and science and the art of science.  They are currently looking for innovative nonfiction about the environment (and science, naturally). Head to the (temporary) website for more details, and please pass this along to any writers you know who might be interested.

sounds of the mtn, pnk

in the words of our dearest scott pinkmountain:

Much chatter on the network this week, but things are afoot. It’s been a busy 50,000 years of sapien sub-dominance finally coming to mezzo-fruition. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, without further ado, the second EYES record is now finished and available for download. This record was a labor of love and tears and we hope it brings you something good. The album is called DUST and we recorded it to 8-track tape back in the German mid-70s.

In case you weren’t around at the end of the last decade, EYES was a band I played in back in the Bay Area phase of my experimentation.

I hope this finds you all well and with hungry ears.

Scott Pnkmtn

download the album at the link above, and check out EYES at their own blogspot.


its official: our alum Samuel Renken has won the Holland Prize from Logan House press and will see his collection of poems (much of which was first written for his thesis) published in the fall. we dug around and found some of Mr. Renken’s work up at the university website (posted back in 2009 in honor of the uw recognized “national day of the cowboy”).  congrats sam! you’re an inspiration to all thesis-writing mfa cats.

honorable mention

the UW MFA website has been named one of the top ten (er, twelve?) MFA websites by Seth Ambramson for The Huffington Post.

this is exciting to current students as it means more traffic in/out/around our program’s internet presence, which means even more and wonderful prospective applicants/future mfa’ers continuing to build a good thing here in laramie.  this is exciting for faculty and administrators who work hard – and so consistently behind the scenes – to benefit the program and the students and who deserve the opportunity for praise & thanks.

earlier this year, when the uwyo mfa broke the top-50 in the poets&writers rankings, visiting author/eminent writer of the universe rattawut lapcharoensap offered the words below in response.  we thinks they are relevant, again, now:

lists like these can be a little silly and nefarious.  they seem to imply that there’s no difference between mfa programs in creative writing and college sports team.  (their metric and ranking system seem suspiciously similar, no?)  they’re especially silly for the “bigger,” more established writing programs; nobody needs reminding, for example, that the iowa writer’s workshop is generally considered a “good” place for aspiring writers.  and the idea of “ranking” mfa programs seems so illogical as to almost be a form of American insanity.  but for “smaller” or less established programs, the list can confer public legitimacy and, more importantly, alert prospective students to the program’s existence in the first place. (rattawut lapcharoensap, via gmail, september 2010)


“Cattle, centaurs, chickens, dachshunds, gorillas, grunion, horses, humans, mice, monarch butterflies, mountain lions, mutts, racehorses, raccoons, starlings and wood ducks … You’ll find all these, and more, in Creative Nonfiction’s Animals issue!”

who would write about grunions and romance? kelly herbinson, that’s who.  being published for the first time in the winter 2011 issue of the highly regarded journal Creative Nonfiction, this second year uwyo mfa student gets in touch with her wild side — as per usual.

Thousands of sardine-sized grunion amass just off shore. They swim in tight, oscillating schools just beneath the surface. Anticipation mounts and swirls among them, their chemistry in tune with the heaving tidal undercurrents.

good work, kelly. and we look forward to seeing more of your work out there in the future!

Scott Rosenberg makes waves

UW’s creative rhetorician *slash* resident musician, Scott Rosenberg (aka Scott Pinkmountain) has made Mathias Svalina’s “ABCs of 2010 Music.” According to Svalina, Pinkmountain’s “Roamin’” was one of two CDs he was given this year – having bought only vinyl himself – and is worth checking out. See the complete list of 104 songs he picked as the best songs he heard in 2010, not including his vinyl, on his blog “Yes, Starlings! Yes!”

Below is the YouTube video of “To Love is to Die” by Scott Pinkmountain and the Golden Bolts of Tone that is also on Svalina’s blog. Mathias Svalina was one of five visiting writers—Kazim Ali, Eula Bliss, Julia Cohen, and Anna Moschovakis—during UW’s Writers & Publishing Symposium this past November. Svalina is the author of Destruction Myth (CSU Press 2009) and is co-editor of the online magazine, Octopus Magazine, and the small press, Octopus Books. Check out Pinkmountain’s interview with Yoni Wolf at A Public Space and look for his interview about music and poetry with poet, philosopher, and musician Jan Zwicky in the 2011 Owen Wister Review.

–Adam Million

the written word.

congrats to Katiecakes Schmid who has four poems up at Hot Metal Bridge! in her second year at the UW MFA, Katiecakes hails from Chicago with an undergraduate degree from Millikin University.  she is poetry editor at The Dirty Napkin, and was selected for Meridian’s Best New Poets of 2009 anthology.  Katiecakes had her first taste of real fame this past november when she showed up at the cheyenne mall on black friday riding this cow with six legs.