mis·placed /mis plāst/

by our approximations: more casper, less denver.

we stumbled upon this image while perusing the january 2011 issue of cosmo.  from an article entitled, “welcome to manland”:

Feel like pickin’s are slim in your town?  Take a weekend getaway to a city where men outnumber women.  Check out the map for the top 10 places where odds are in your favor.  Bonus: Research shows that guys are more eager to put a ring on it in locales where women are scarce.

there’s much that could be said. but we’ll let the Bonus speak for itself.

some of these things are not like the others

our last first//friday@secondstory until the spring semester, friday night’s event was pretty fucking rad.  perhaps it was the poetry of kate northrop, or the music of rob joyce, or all that talk about evil knievel and parasites courtesy of kelly herbinson.  or maybe it was the fresh, soft-wood aroma emanating from the flooring stacked in the corner of the bookstore (still under construction as it is converted to a coffeeshop). despite the fact that there were so many memorable moments, one thing we did not remember was the department camera — so we’ve pieced together a collage of friday’s event from camera phones and fbook for your viewing pleasure.

rob joyce drew a crowd of his own. unfortunately, not all of them had chairs.

the people: pensive or sleepy?

the mural: bear vs. wolf w/boner tail?

kate northrop performs for us a poem in two voices.

was she at the reading?

this is what it sounds like when doves cry.


wild, west

because of our time spent in this particular stretch of the country… we are forced to think, often, about cowboys and indians.

from a doctor’s report following american troopers killed by cheyenne, arapaho, and kiowa warriors:

Major Joel H. Elliott — two bullet holes in head; one in left cheek, right hand cut off; left foot almost cut off; [penis cut off]; deep gash in right groin; deep gashes in calves of both legs; little finger of left hand cut off; and throat cut.
Corporal Harry Mercer, troop E — bullet hole in right axilla; one in region of heart; three in back; eight arrow wounds in back; right ear cut off; head scalped and skull fractured; deep gashes in both legs; and throat cut.
Corporal William Carrick, troop H– bullet hole in right parietal bone; both feet cut off; throat cut; left arm broken; [penis cut off].
Private William Milligan, troop H– bullet hole in left side of head; deep gashes in in right leg; [penis cut off]; left arm deeply gashed; head scalped; and throat cut.
Corporal James F. Williams, troop I– bullet hole in back; head and both arms cut off; many and deep gashes in back; [penis cut off].
Private Ferdinand Lineback,  troop M– bullet hole in the left parietal bone; head scalped and arm broken; [penis cut off]; throat cut.
Unknown– head cut off; body partially destroyed by wolves.
Unknown– head and right hand cut off; three bullet and nine arrow holes in back; [penis cut off].

–excerpt from Custer’s Official Report of the Battle of the Washita, December 22, 1868.

we must ask: where did all the [penises] go?


we are so very proud of timothy raymond.  this first-year fiction student has received a Pushcart nomination from the folks at decomP magazine.  please check out timothy’s story, “Renegades,” and all of the other great pieces up at decomP.  congrats timberly, and best of luck!!! celebrate. treat your sweet self to a nice pair of cowboy boots. you can definitely rock it.