MFA Students Make Books (Literally.)

As MFA students, we all strive to see our words bound and printed. This semester, a handful of MFA students had the opportunity to do just that in a Book Arts course co-taught by writer Alyson Hagy and visual artist Mark Ritchie.

MFA-ers Francesca, Emily, Lindsay, and Bethanne all showcased their work from the semester in a juried show:


MFA-ers admiring the beautiful art made by their peers.

Check out their fabulous handmade books below!

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make your own map

courtesy of luling osofsky:
article about laramie atlas project written up in casper star tribune. too bad there’s a picture of me making a weird face, but i think it’s a good article!

a taste of india.

Part of a Masters in Fine Arts nonfiction workshop at the University of Wyoming, each map designer will explore what it means to live in Laramie, both on map and in essay, said English professor Alyson Hagy [mfa core faculty member]. The project, called “Laramie: A Gem City Atlas,” was inspired by San Francisco artist and author Rebecca Solnit. Eventually it will include not only students in the fine arts class, but also art students, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center students and hopefully the state-wide community, all with maps displayed in UW’s Art Museum in May and June.

cover art.

the best book since the new testament.

book arts show in london.  we shall not be able to attend on account of the whole being landlocked in wyoming thing.  but, thanks to the internet we can see the work, think about it, and admire from afar.  the premise:

[a] broad and varied spectrum of artists [invited] to paint, print, etch, sculpt, photograph, whatever their medium, whatever their style… [to] create a book cover for a novel of their choice, a book that has inspired them, a book that has had a profound impact on them or a book that they remember fondly as a child … all that we asked was that they create their original artwork to the traditional format and size of a Penguin book 198mm (h) x 129mm (w)”