I was told there would be listicles…

Top Ten Things You’ll Miss About Laramie When You Decide to Prolong Your Summer Research Trip*

  1. Your bed.
  2. Saturday night karaoke at the Ruffed Up Duck. You’ll try humming to yourself in your tent after midnight, but it’s just not the same.

    “Freebird? Anybody?”

  3. $2.50 beer from the Buckhorn or Crow Bar or just about any place beer is sold in Laramie. When you go out on this trip, still treat your friends, of course–just have fewer friends.
  4. The complete lack of humidity and its effects on your hair, sweat, and general disposition.
  5. The Danwich from Prairie Rose, if you’re not your best self any particular morning. You enjoy a strong contender for replacement on the trip, the Potatohead burrito at The Potato in McCarthy (July 4th parade them: Taters, not Dick Taters). But the Danwich, various breakfast proteins and fats gathered up in a big French toast hug, calls to you.
  6. Not spending ten hours a day staring at a way too obvious metaphor:

    “We see the world through a broken window because the world is broken, Chad. Duh.”

  7. Public art! The murals all over Laramie are gorgeous and intricate and growing daily.
  8. Reliable WiFi access, so you don’t have to post in a rush whenever you drive through Whitehorse. Hello again, Whitehorse!
  9. Wyoming mountains and rocks and trails. It’s wonderful to see folks taking full advantage of free national park access in Canada in honor of the sesquicentennial this year, but you’ve been a bit spoiled by the lower density hikes and climbs in Wyoming.
  10. The amazing friends you’ve made in and out of the program in your eleven months as a Laramie resident so far. Those same ones that keep texting to find out when you’ll be back already. (Soon, promise!)


*Written from a Walmart parking lot in Canada.


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