MFA Reading Series: Spring Finale

 Pictures from the last MFA reading of the semester this previous Friday at the Gryphon Theatre:



second year CNF writer Sofi Thanhauser singing us a lovely song


first year fiction writer Korie Johnson


first year poet Olivia Wall


first year CNF writer Manasseh Franklin


musician Julian Saporiti (far left), MFA fiction alum/musician Jason Burge, MFA fiction alum Caleb Johnson; and second year poet Dan Freije (far right)

TOO MUCH TALENT IN ONE NIGHT! there were stories of love and high school and mild suburban witchcraft and poems of paying for Fantas in exact change and attending baby arrivals in hospitals in Equatorial Guinea and recipes for rootlessness and eating oatmeal and living out of your car in the American West and songs on being an impermanent being on Earth (come on up to the house!). LOVELY.

We hope the recruits had a good time and we can’t wait until the reading series next semester! Korie will have some large shoes to fill in for Lam Pham (fiction ’14)!


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