Welcome Rachel Levitsky, UW MFA Visiting Writer


This week we’re welcoming avant-garde poet and activist Rachel Levitsky to our (figurative) shores. She’ll be giving a craft talk for MFA students on Friday at the Carriage House and giving a public reading (free! come!) at the Night Heron Bookshop & Café Friday evening at 7pm. It’s going to be lovely having her here and we’re all tickled with excitement.

Here’s a little about Levitsky, for those not in “the know:”

Rachel Levitsky is well known as a poet of politically and socially engaged writing. She has collaborated with artists like photographer B. Wurtz and is the founder and co-director of Belladonna*, an event and publication series of feminist avant-garde poetics.

Her recent book The Story of My Accident is Ours (Futurepoem 2013) tackles a range of concerns: transgendered bodies, social movements, management of the emotions, and countless other subjects. She has also published two full-length collections of poetry—Under the Sun (Futurepoem 2003) and NEIGHBOR (Ugly Duckling Press 2009)—and five chapbooks. Three of her “poetic plays” have been launched as theatrical productions.

It’s gonna be grand! Join in the fun!

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