Sofi Thanhauser Wins Accolades with MFA Project

sofi film

A belated CONGRATULATIONS to MFA Nonfiction Second-Year, Sofi Thanhauser. Her MFA Project—a short film entitled “Battle of the Peach,” which she directed, starred in and produced—was included in the 2013 Laramie Local Film Festival, and featured in a roundup article about the festival in the Casper Star Tribune.

The Trib said of Thanhauser’s work:

“an Avant-garde exploration of gender roles…Her film didn’t have a glitzy Hollywood patina, but it did carry an authentic layer of cerebral comedic drama.”

What? Authentic layer of cerebral comedic drama? How’s that for a cover blurb!

Way to take down the house, Sofi. We can’t wait for the sequel!

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