Jeff Lockwood Week: Infested Mind Book Launch


Join us tonight, November 21st, from 5 – 7 p.m. for a reading and book party to celebrate the publication of Jeff Lockwood’s latest book, The Infested Mind. The reading will be held at the Watson home and will include snacks—hopefully chocolate covered grasshoppers and ants dipped in caramel. Copies of Jeff’s book will be on hand.

Some info on the book:

The Infested Mind was inspired by an attack of insect-related panic Lockwood experienced while researching a grasshopper infestation in Whalen Canyon near Guernsey, Wyoming, and book explores at the insect-human relationship through a series of questions about fear, anxiety, and disgust—subjects being profoundly reconsidered in the field of contemporary psychology. In preparing to write the book, Lockwood worked with MFA student Ryan Ikeda (Poetry ‘13) to research the cutting edge of psychological and ecological scholarship. Lockwood also consulted University of Wyoming Professor of Psychology Brett Deacon, head of the UW’s Anxiety Research Laboratory, to better understand the psychology of fear—an essential aspect of the often uneasy human-insect bond.

We hope you will attend!

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