What We Did Last Summer — Part 3: The Story of Willie Nelson the Dog

To continue our multi-part series on the epic adventures of the MFA summer, we pick up with second-year poet Callie Plaxco, who spent the summer researching the origins of her recently adopted dog, Willie Nelson Plaxco. After taking a trip with Willie up to Yellowstone, Callie began to learn strange and surprising things about her canine friend. Here are some captioned photos about her miraculous trip, and at the bottom, please follow the link to a long, lovely poem inspired by her discoveries and written specifically for this blog. Original, first-run literature, people. This is what the MFA is all about.


Willie Nelson drives down a long dirt road outside of Pinedale and camps on the banks of Green River Lakes with Absaroka Mountains in the distance.

willybigThe highlight of his trip (or at least the last to be photographed) is camping on Shadow Mountain outside of Jackson where the Tetons set with the sun behind him.

What a trip, Willie! Thanks for sharing! And now with no further ado, please follow the following link to read—

The Story of Willie Nelson the Dog by Callie Plaxco.

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