Three Cheers for our MFA Readers!

Last Friday we had our first MFA Student Reading, and it was a smashing success — with rollicking poetry by Ginger Ko (I swear: it rollicked!), sensual prose by Kelly Hatton (there were devil-monsters!) and mega-wild nonfiction by Sofi Thanhauser (we all left wanting more!). What a good time we had!

To make you jealous for not being there and/or to help you remember how fun it was, here are some exclusive photos hot-off-the-press.

Special thanks to American studies second-year Julian Saporiti for putting together an amazing mini-concert’s worth of music (and thanks as well as to his guest artists!) and to Mr. Lam Pham, second-year fiction MFA kingpin, and our reading series planner, laborer and all-around doing-everything-necesary-er for doing everything necessary. Thanks, all!

And now, a few thousand words worth of photos:

KellyH2First reader, second-year fiction MFA Kelly Hatton warms up next to her friend Tom.

GingerKPoetry superstar, and second-year MFA student, Ginger Ko reads a poem which may or may not have featured an anatomical tequila shooter.

SofiTSecond-year nonfiction student, and all-around extreme essayist Sofi Thanhauser expounds, explains and entertains.  

MusicMFAAmerican studies second-year Julian Saporiti (and band) bring the house down with sweet, sweet tunes. 

LamPhamAnd last but not least, our man of the hour, planner and MC,  Lam Pham, esq.

(* Thanks to Rebecca and Korie for the photos.)

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