People We Are Proud Of: Recent Alumni Edition 3

Turns out, we’re still extremely impressed by our recent graduates. So, to continue a series inaugurated days ago, we’ll keep on parceling out pure adulation, adoration and admiration of and for the great and impressive recent achievements of our already-distinguished Class of 2013.


Erin Fortenberry, CONGRATULATIONS on scoring a coveted (paid!) internship with the illustrious W.W. Norton & Co. editorial department. Erin will depart for New York City (that’s East of here, we think) in a few weeks to take on the inner core (the part with seeds, ok?) of the Big Apple and to publish the next generation of Wyoming writers (certainly all from the UW MFA Class of 2013*).

* Ed. note: See “People We Are Proud Of: Recent Alumni Editions 1 & 2”

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