Travels with Caleb

Hey, Caleb Johnson (second-year fiction student) how did you put your summer stipend to use?

After spring semester ended, I flew home to Alabama where I watched my sister graduate from high school. I also walked around my grandmother’s land and visited a peach orchard for some fiction-writing research.


From Alabama, I flew to Philadelphia, PA to spend a week with my girlfriend and her family.


In June, it was off to Spain for more research and a little relaxation too. My girlfriend and I saw a bullfight in Sevilla, ate fresh seafood until we were almost sick in Barcelona, rented a car and drove up the Costa Brava to the lovely little seaside town of Cadaques where I swam in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time, then back down through a mountainous region with inactive volcanoes and medieval villages, and eventually to Barcelona once again. I fell in love with that city this summer. After a few more days in Barcelona, we spent a couple days in Madrid before flying back to the USA.




I spent the rest of my summer in pleasant, beautiful Laramie, WY, reading and writing and enjoying the wonderful weather. Right before the fall semester began, I took a week-long camping trip to Yellowstone National Park too.

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