What We Do in Wyoming

When you live in Wyoming, people who do not live in Wyoming will often ask, “What exactly do you do in Wyoming?” Of course this question can be answered a number of ways. We are individuals. We are unique. We are like snowflakes and all those other glorious cliches. 

One individual, Erin Fortenberry, second-year fiction candidate, has answered this question for us. 

This summer I:

1. Waited tables
2. Told tourists about how back in the day vigilantes hung a guy called Big Ned
for shootin’ up the now defunct Bucket of Blood Saloon (really, what did they expect with a name like that?)

3. Watched the Squirrel Creek fire burn

4. Went to the rodeo
5. Checked out rodeo gear in Casper
6. Almost died at the Jubilee Days Carnival in Laramie.
Also, my short story “Mastodon” was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s May 2012 Short Story Award for New Writers.
That’s really cool, Erin. Congratulations! Thanks for showing us exactly what you do in Wyoming. 

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