A Collection…

…of random things.


I’ll need to add Miguel Kaminski (nonfiction) to the list of MFA folks awarded one of these ethics grants. It’s great news. Of six, three projects are creative writing. Congrats, Miguel.

Ryan Ikeda (poetry) also has a project this summer. He took this award here. Well done, Ryan!

Kali Fajardo-Anstine and Caleb Johnson (both fiction) also have upcoming trips funded by the school. Research for their novels, I’ve learned. Good!

MFA candidates already have summer funding. It’s great to see more coming in for those heading out.


This, from Tom Bissell:

“My short stories still get rejected constantly. My magazine pieces get killed. The writer’s motto—the creator’s motto—should be: “Failure: It’s what’s for dinner.” How you respond to failure is the real measure of an artist, and this means nurturing the violently arrogant and overly confident monster that lurks deep inside all of us. But you have to keep that maniacal bastard out of all polite company. You feed him and nurture him and draw strength from him, but you never, ever let him out, get water on him, or feed him after midnight.”

The interview is up here. I find comfort in the reminder.


People are graduating! If you’re around Laramie tomorrow, Monday, stop by the University of Wyoming Carriage House (MFA’s little home) around 7pm to see a Thesis Reading, featuring Justin Mundhenk (fiction), Tasha LeClair (fiction), and Kristen Gunther (poetry).

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