A Cloud

All the fiction candidates at Wyoming have a novel going, and that’s cool. There’s talk of a novel workshop, though at best it’s in the planning stage. It’d be interesting. It’d be hard, but good. It’d be a lot of reading and writing and not a lot of feedback, I imagine. But it’d be good. Practice, I’d say.

My thesis is a novel. I have trouble describing what it’s about in a few sentences.

I made a word cloud of it:

It’s called Alice Fisher. I like that the big conflict, according to the cloud, is whether “Alice” can “know” “something.” Do I use any words longer than two syllables?

I made this in Paint:

Should this thing ever get published, that’d be the summary on the back cover. The more I write, the more I realize I’m a visual learner. These exercises are useful in getting at you’re doing. Alice writes plays when her brother hurts himself. She tries to know something.

This is a nice article. I broke a rule! STOP WRITING BOOKS TOLD FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF CHILDREN. I guess I half-broke it.

Another rule: WE NEED MORE NOVELS WRITTEN FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF CATS. Have you seen The Meowmorphosis? What would that cloud look like?

I’ve got novels on the brain, people.

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