Alum News

More good news from our alums. Always, always.

Alan Barstow (nonfiction) has this piece up now at Gulf Coast. It’s called “Marriage in a Time of AIDS.” Congratulations, Alan! Check out the first paragraph:

“Tomas could stare his students into silence. While I had to plead, Okay, let’s get started, please sit down, please be quiet, all Tomas had to do was fold his arms, sweep his eyes across the class, and wait. At Hallelujah Combined School in Namibia, Tomas started his teaching career three years earlier, and I had started mine as a Peace Corps volunteer just six months ago. But now Tomas stood before me silent and unsure. He looked over each shoulder, then settled his eyes on my feet. The morning break had begun, and we stood in the staff room away from the windows that opened onto dozens of blue-uniformed students swapping stories and snacks.”

Last year, good people left Wyoming. So goes graduation. It’s nice to hear this, that Maya Cohen, a fiction writer, has been accepted into medical school at Temple University. She’ll start this summer. “We actually just had our first orientation and it’s really cool!” she puts it. Good news, Maya. Good.

Finally, Katie (Schmid) Henson will, as she says, be “joining the full-time faculty at Millikin University as a Visiting Lecturer in English for the 2012-13 academic year. I am terrified! I am excited! As of next year it will be nine years since I started at MU as a freshman!” Congrats, Katie! It’ll be great!

As my final semester winds down, and as the anxiety winds up, it’s nice to see our students publishing, pursuing other degrees, and landing teaching gigs. Way cool, guys.

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