Some More Events

Reminder! Tonight, at Night Heron Books, at 7pm, in Laramie, is a reading by Rebecca Lindenberg. She’ll read some poems from Love, an Index, from the McSweeney’s Poetry Series. The book just came out, and can be found here. Part of the book’s description goes: “In her fierce, one-of-a-kind debut, Rebecca Lindenberg tells the story—in verse—of her passionate relationship with Craig Arnold, a much-respected poet who disappeared in 2009 while hiking a volcano in Japan.” Hope to see you there!

Tomorrow, April 3, Tuesday, room 506 in Coe Library. There’s a Digital Methodologies Conference that features a few MFA students. Here’s the schedule:

Ryan Ikeda (poetry) “Thinkership: the Accessibility of Digital Poetics”
Miguel Kaminski (nonfiction) “Quijano de Manila: Curatorial Preservation and Dissemination”

Katie Booms (poetry) “Is the Shift Toward Writing for the Web Inherently a Shift Toward Community?”
Chelsea Biondolillo (nonfiction) “The Writer’s Colony: a Facebook experiment”
Rebecca Estee (poetry) “Sunday Soup: Using the digital to create local communities”

Adam Boucher (fiction) “Video art re-contextualizing James Wright poems”
Kristen Gunther (poetry) “Exploring Place in the Placeless”

There are more. I picked out the MFAers. Come check it out, if you can. The full schedule is right here.

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