From Vermont

Head over to Seven Days right now to read Blow Hard, by Wyoming nonfiction candidate Kathryn Flagg. Fifteen years after Searsburg, the tagline goes, why are Vermonters still fighting about wind power?

Kathryn has a whole lot of articles available, so stay and browse and read.

From “Blow Hard”:

“Vermont’s first commercial wind project went up on a ridgeline in Searsburg, in southern Vermont, in 1997. The 198-foot towers are much smaller than the 420-footers in Sheffield, and the facility’s capacity taps out at 6 megawatts. The 11 550-kilowatt turbines are already obsolete by today’s standards, which can make repairs slow and difficult, but the blades are still turning. Green Mountain Power operates the facility on leased land, and estimates the turbines generate enough power for about 1600 homes.”

Check it out!

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