I didn’t go to AWP. I do like reading reactions from those who did. Here’s a pretty succinct, but thorough, one:

“Though the vibrancy and excitement of the conference was occasionally overshadowed by zealous networking and careerism, it could scarcely have been labeled as a staid affair, as was exemplified by the several warnings over the PA by Hilton employees notifying exhibitors that alcohol was strictly forbidden at all tables and booths.”

This was taken from the NY Daily News blog. Other reactions are here, here, here, and also here.

I don’t wish to add much. I mean, I wasn’t there. Wyoming’s LuLing Osofsky does, however, add this:

“Highlights: Readings by Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, Monica Youn, a panel on approaches to oral history projects, our atlas panel being surprisingly well attended, seeing UW alum scott rosenberg, eating braised pork shoulder at three different restaurants, printer’s row, chicago architecture (the tribune building has a rock from yellowstone in its facade!), and meeting in real life the editor i had traded emails with for months.

Lowlights: mayhem in the lobby, mayhem in the bookfair, mayhem in the pessimistic mind…does the world need sooo many writers? what do i have to offer and is it ok or lame if it’s only read by like 40 other writers?”

I like being in a program that funds trips like this. And I like having colleagues who do interesting panels at conferences. That atlas panel grew from a class with visiting writer Rebecca Solnit. Other MFA students involved were Irina Zhorov, Katie Booms, and alum Val Pexton.

Cool work, you guys. Sorry AWP is over, everyone? Sorry about the mayhem, LuLing? Have a good spring break, anyway.

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