On Comics

I know at least one student pursued comics during his MFA at Wyoming. I remember that he was a poet, and that that surprised me, because graphic novels felt necessarily narrative-heavy. That’s ridiculous, of course, but that was my feeling.

The other day I read this strip from Penny-Arcade and wondered about doing comics. To be sure, I do believe, like Tycho, that I “paint with words,” but I wonder too whether I could paint with other things.

I typed “mfa comics” into Google and found, well, this, for one. For two: the Center for Cartoon Studies offers an MFA.

I wonder which workshop our poet brought comics to. One for poets? Would it belong elsewhere? What does a script for a graphic novel look like?

Today, I “painted” this:

Possible workshop comments: What?

One thought on “On Comics

  1. A script for a comic looks just like a movie script, except perhaps more heavy on the description of the thing to be drawn for the benefit of the artist. Sometimes the writer just writes a story that the artist liberally interprets, and sometimes the writer and artist are the same person so he or she just sketches out in their own personal way.

    Source:me, a comic artist.

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