“This Problem of Taste”

I recently stumbled across this article by Mike Magnuson. I thought it was really nice to read: for its honesty, for its thinking on Facebook and publicity and writing and publishing. Things are so weird, to be totally simplistic.

Reading stuff like this reminds me how hard writing is. But I also feel better after reading.

From “This Problem of Taste”:

“If Facebook accomplishes anything, it allows people to construct an identity to present to other people. About half of my Facebook friends are cyclists, most of them racers, and those folks ALWAYS present themselves on Facebook as people who only wear spandex and a bike helmet and have a race number pinned on their jersey and who only think about cycling and training for cycling and about gear associated with cycling. These cyclists are of course many other things: doctors, school teachers, accountants, et cetera. But on Facebook, they are cyclists. The key for us – for writers, for makers of literature, for people whose trade is itemizing humanity in an artful way – is to know the difference between that person we present on Facebook and the person we are inside. My dad must have told me three million times that the worst type of bullshitter is someone who believes their own bullshit. We writers have to know who we are. We have to be real. What we do is so important that we cannot allow it to be dependent upon schmooze.”

Also, Bread Loaf does sound awesome. (It’s in the article.) Did I mention that our very own Brad Watson will be there this summer? Way cool, Brad.

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