Alumni News

Lately, I’ve been gathering information for this year’s MFA newsletter. Among other things, this means that I wake every morning to good news from someone associated with Wyoming. It’s nice.

Right now, I’d like to share some publications from UW graduates. Within the last year or so:

Alan Barstow published a story in The Sun, and essays in Gulf Coast and The Los Angeles Review.

Meagan Ciesla’s story “24 Points” went up at Prime Number Magazine, and will be reprinted in their annual print anthology.

Meaghan Elliot placed poems in Poetry Quarterly and Rattle. “How to Drown Kittens in 1958” can be heard right here.

Randy Koch published his collection of poems, This Splintered Horse (Finishing Line Press).

Sarah Norek’s story “Hold Steady” went up at The Collagist, and was later nominated for a Pushcart.

Emilene Ostlind had parts of her thesis featured at High Country News.

Lucas A. Street published a handful of poems with Locuspoint.

Paula Wright’s chapbook, The Gathering, is forthcoming from Binge Press.

Congratulations, everyone!

Go read, everyone!

Will be posting more as I get it!

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