A Few Things

It’s that time, I suppose, when all the second-year MFA candidates panic about what comes next. I hope soon to have a directory of fellowships, internships, etc. somewhere on here. Until then, I’ll weather the anxiety. Always, always.

Sharon Dynak is visiting February 14, to talk about non-profit options for graduates. It’ll be at the University of Wyoming Carriage House, our little haven, at 130pm. Dynak is the director of Ucross, a foundation with ties to UW’s MFA. To see information about their work and residencies and so on, go here.

With all this nonsense about the future, it’s hard to remember that we’re writers first, yes? I saw these eleven commandments the other day, and felt a little better. Maybe you might feel better, too?

“Write first and always,” Henry Miller says. “Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards.”

Also: “Don’t be nervous.”

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