Every year, MFA students at Wyoming head over to Shortgrass for a quiet week of work. I just returned from my week.

It was so quiet.

The houses are for researchers from Colorado State, who collect only during the summers. They rent space the rest of the year. All that’s visible from the houses, aside from the massive plains, are a windmill and Highway 85. I think the isolation really bothers some people, especially those coming from cities. I, born and raised in Wyoming, was so happy.

I never finished the puzzle that I started, though I did get pages upon pages written. I also played Mario 3d Land. And I played my ukulele. Justin played his guitar. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Fort Collins.

There was some television-watching.

I’m still adjusting to returning to people. I’ve found that even my emails are clunky. I can’t figure out communication quite yet.

I’m seriously struggling.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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