From Lauren Trembath-Neuberger

Up now at Pank is Drug Facts, by Lauren Trembath-Neuberger, a nonfiction candidate at WYO. Boy, is it delicious.

From “Drug Facts”: “Inactive Ingredients nothing here is inactive, darling. your body will tremble for the next few months like cicadas are trapped in your chest. your heart, that meaty mass buried deep beneath your skin–it will beat so hard. it won’t stop. electricity will rush through you, and every inch of your skin will buzz so loudly you will think you can call those cicadas by name. you are flesh and burning and you are so damn alive. child, this I promise: oh, at least you are alive.”

You’ll have to visit Pank to get the real experience, with all the formatting. Go! Go now!

Congratulations, Lauren!


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