On Lists

From National Geographic: the Top 10 Literary Cities. Finally, I say.

Is it weird that I expected to see more American cities? Why in the world would I assume that? There are two on the list, and those were unexpected, as well. And where’s Laramie? Santiago ranked number 10 on this list; I admit it’s got some fine street art, including the mural of Neruda, which I’ve seen up close. But Laramie has good stuff, too. I’ve seen all kinds of ghosts and hearts painted on buildings. They, the ghosts, are on the bridge over the railyard, too.

I wonder what it’d be like to live in a Top Literary City. I wonder whether I would be crushed or inspired by the history. The truth is that I like writing off in the wilderness. Does anyone else fantasize about people reading their work and saying, man, that dude’s from where? I didn’t think there were writers in that place. Perhaps it’s only me.

Did you read on this survey that Wyoming’s Fiction program is #29? I’m always skeptical of lists like this, Top 10 or Top 50 or whatever else, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking for 1.

Prepare yourself, Iowa.


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