For Ed Roberson

Ed Roberson was here last month. He was the sweetest man, honestly. It was nice having the opportunity to drive him around, to get him sandwiches, to hear him read from his work. The way he talked about birds was wonderful.

During his two weeks here, he met with students, did a Q&A, did some consultations, gave some readings, and generally hung around Wyoming. In most respects it was a typical residency. What follows, then, are some pictures of him, just a few, from his visit.

Here is Ed at Vedauwoo, examining first some plants (sage?), and then a fine rock, and then a trail:

Next is Ed, reading in Jackson Hole, before a nice group, which includes our director Beth Loffreda, closest to the camera, and MFA candidates Kristen, Ryan, Brock, and Katie, most of whom are poets. Katie does her nonfiction, of course.

Yet another picture of the students:

Mark Spragg, who visited us from Cody, Wyoming, last year, mentioned how much he loves (read: needs) to get outside during the writing process. When it’s not a blizzard, Wyoming’s good for clearing the head. It’s good to get around.

Thanks for coming, Ed. Come back whenever.


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