From Tasha LeClair

Yesterday, The Other Room published a story by Wyoming’s own Tasha LeClair. The story is called “We Are Thistles, We Are Wind,” and you should read it.

From the story: “In the kitchen, there was a photo of my parents on their wedding day. Sometimes Mom and I would play a game. I would point at her in the picture and say, “Who is this?” and she would say, “It’s me.” I would say it wasn’t, and she would say it was. That day the photo wasn’t right. While my mom pinned, I looked closer and saw that instead of my parents in their wedding clothes, there were two giant blackbirds—one in Mom’s dress and the other in Dad’s tux. Their beaks looked like they’d been polished.”

It’s eerie in a wonderful way. Nice work, Tasha!


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