From Best American

Congratulations go to Beth Loffreda, Wyoming’s MFA director, and Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Wyoming’s first-year fiction candidate, for making the Notables list for this year’s The Best American Nonrequired Reading. It’s fantastic news!

Beth’s story “The Silver Medalist” was originally published in Epoch earlier this year, while Kali’s “Remedies” appeared in Bellevue Literary Review. Click on that link there and you can read “Remedies.”

From the story: “A dermatologist with a can of liquid nitrogen can remove a wart in four to five seconds. I can remove one, overnight, with a clove of garlic and a Band-Aid. Your fingers will smell for days, but the wart will never come back. You won’t have to bite or scratch at it until blood rushes over the spongy lining anymore. You can hold hands with whomever you want and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. My great-grandmother taught me how to do this. She taught me all the things she learned from her grandmother on their pueblo in Northern New Mexico when she was a little girl. If you have a stomachache, drink peppermint tea, with honey, at the hottest temperature possible without scalding your tongue. If you have a headache, put slices of potato at your temples and let them draw out the pain.”

Well done, Beth and Kali.

Read, people!


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