Congrats to Callan Wink

If you haven’t already, check out The New Yorker now to read a story from Wyoming’s own Callan Wink. While you’re there, read the interview.

From said interview: “When I started this story I knew I wanted to write about a man running, in a very literal sense, away from pursuers. The running naked theme came about, I think, from popular stories about the mountain man John Colter, who, supposedly, outran a war party of hostile Crow after they stripped him naked and told him to run for his life. This happened near present day Three Forks, Montana, not far from where I live.”

The story is called “Dog Run Moon.” I liked it in workshop last year and I like it now. It’s wonderful, put simply. Congratulations, Callan!


One thought on “Congrats to Callan Wink

  1. I thought the interviewer and Callan Wink both missed a key point about his story: It is the best dream sequence I have read in recent years, almost modern-day Kafka or early Nabokov. From the basic premise (running naked through a hostile enrvironment) to he conclusion with Charlie Chaplin and his Topsiders and the protagonist deciding to run on, still naked, to another task, along with the anticlimactic peaceful resolution to the dog theft issue, are all elements of the unconcious admirably rendered. In the end, this is a variation on magical realism, and I envy the young man’s ability to express it so well. It’s a remarkable story.

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