From Camille Dungy

It’s a big day tomorrow. Camille Dungy is coming to visit! If you’re free and around Wyoming, then, you should come listen to her read some poems. The details are these: Second Story Books, in Laramie, WY. Come at 5pm. This will be good.

Dungy’s most recent book is Smith Blue, published by Southern Illinois University Press just last June. It’s a nice coincidence, of course, that Ed Roberson, Wyoming’s other Visiting Writer and a really wonderful person, took some time to write about the book.

Here he is: “These are large, open-hearted lyrics about love: its pleasure, its neglect, loss and remembrance. Love here is not just parental and fraternal or of lovers and husbands, but a love for butterflies, things and their places. With a subtle variety yet balance of line, these are not ponderous pronouncements, but the voice of a graceful wondering about the world and the way we carry on.”

Come out, everyone!


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