From scrapfiction

I’m a little late on this, unfortunately. So it goes.

If you haven’t visited scrapfiction yet, then you’re missing out on a fine publication. Recently, meaning the Friday before last, a prompt I requested was made into a wonderful story, called “Pink Trees.”

From the piece: “In the tent, the big tree and the man talked, while the other trees said, “Hello. Hello,” and the dog-tree scratched its head with its roots.”

I love it!

Tasha LeClair runs the journal, of course. The idea is this: she draws from requests emailed in over the week. The request she draws gets written, by her, in under an hour. Stories go up on Friday.

Here was my prompt: “A man plants trees that grow into people.”

You should get reading.

There’s a new story from last Friday too. As usual, it’s good. It was written in forty-five minutes, though you’d never know it.

From “Evidence”: “Nana said nothing. She could speak, but she rarely said more than one word. But she could nod. Or shake her head. Or say, “Sorry.” Even if she didn’t mean it, she could say sorry.”



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