Congrats to Caleb Johnson

Well, Caleb Johnson is up to some interesting things. This is no surprise, of course.

That said, head over to The Rumpus right now to read his essay on Lee Bains, Arkadelphia, Rock, Love, Pain, and so on.

From the essay: “I was young then, too — foolish and destructive. I was in college at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, which is a common excuse for acting that way. I didn’t know I needed those songs — tales of heartache and hope, sin and salvation — or what I needed at all, which is the way it goes when you’re in your early 20s and have holes that need filling. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I’d never met Lee or heard the beautiful songs he wrote and performed in Arkadelphia.”

Meanwhile, check out Pank to read Johnson’s “All The Things You Think You Need But Really Don’t.” You may find themes similar to those in the essay.

From the story: “One time, I told a 36-year-old woman, one who had two kids with two different men, that she wasn’t just a momma who needed to be home with her babies instead of out drinking at some downtown bar with a bunch of college kids. I told her she could move on the dance floor better than girls ten, fifteen years younger than she was. Told her that her hips felt like holding heaven, and later that night I let her ride me until she came and fell over exhausted from it all.”

It’s all so wonderful, inasmuch as sadness can be wonderful.

Congratulations, Caleb!

Go read, folks.


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