Congrats to Alyson Hagy

As usual, good things are happening here in Wyoming. Just last month, for instance, the editors of Grassroots literary magazine announced the winners of the 2011 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Awards in Poetry and Prose. Among these winners is Wyoming’s own Alyson Hagy, whose most recent collection is Ghosts of Wyoming (2010). Congratulations, Alyson!

Grassroots comes out of the University of Southern Illionis-Carbondale. Each year, the Devil’s Kitchen Reading Awards are given to one poet and one prose writer.

Meanwhile, Alyson remains active elsewhere. Recently, she was featured in The Huffington Post article ”What Makes the Short Story Distinctive?”.

From the article (in Alyson’s words): “I try to press myself forward on two fronts. Is the story urgent enough to take up a reader’s time and energy? Is it a tale worth telling? And am I taking some kind of risk–aesthetically or thematically or dramatically? I don’t want to tell the same bits over and over. I want to lurch and change as America lurches and changes around me.”

Well said!

So you know, THP also has an excerpt from Alyson’s forthcoming novel Boleto (2012). Check it out!

Alyson Hagy is the author of Madonna On Her Back (1986), Hardware River (1991), Graveyard of the Atlantic (2000), Ghosts of Wyoming (2010), and the novels Keeneland (2000), Snow, Ashes (2007), and Boleto (2012). Her work has won a Hopwood Award, a Pushcart Prize, a Nelson Algren Award, and has been included in Best American Short Stories. Other honors include fellowships from the NEA and the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, a High Plains Literary Award, and the John P. Ellbogen Award for Meritorious Classroom Teaching.

Get to the reading, everyone!


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