Congrats to Brad Watson

Hi all,

So, here’s a fine bit of news about Wyoming’s own Brad Watson. His latest collection Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives has been shortlisted for the Literary Prize, a biannual award for mid-career writers. Check out the link, everyone. It’s really wonderful. Congratulations, Brad! We’re so proud!

From “Vacuum,” the first story in the collection: “The mother told the boys that she was much unappreciated in this house. She was just like a slave. She pushed the vacuum cleaner back and forth on the floor at their feet where they sat on the sofa. They had been trying to watch a western show on the black-and-white television set before she had turned on the vacuum and begun to shout her words over its howling motor. I am the only person who does anything around here, she shouted, yanking the vacuum cleaner back and forth. I cook, I clean, I wash, I go to work and bring home what little money we have and nobody helps. I am just like a slave but I’ll tell you one thing–and she turned off the vacuum cleaner over whose howl the boys had heard nothing but had sat there watching her bewildering expressions, her wide eyes and wide-open mouth–ONE OF THESE DAYS I AM GOING TO WALK OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK.”

In case you missed it, Brad was also recently profiled in the Casper Star Tribune.

All good things!

Brad Watson was raised in Mississippi, spent many years in Alabama, then lived in Boston, on Cape Cod, Florida, Mississippi, and now Wyoming. His first name’s Wilton, but he ended up as Brad. He doesn’t mind at all if you call him Wil. His books include Last Days of the Dog-Men, The Heaven of Mercury, and Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives. Check out his website to see about readings and other publications.

Thanks for reading, folks.


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