Welcome. Or welcome back.


The MFA blog has gone quiet these past few months. For this, we apologize. Things are changing, of course. One class graduated recently. Another is just now coming in. Those of us entering our second and final year are working working working. Some are also traveling traveling traveling. Most are breaking theses.

Not long ago Seth Abramson released his 2012 MFA rankings. The University of Wyoming has risen yet again—from 43rd last year to 30th. Our program also jumped to 1st for student-to-faculty ratio. This place is getting better and better. It is! People are paying attention.

And they should, honestly. Wyoming is exciting. I mean, gosh. Last year I had the pleasure of experiencing lots of great work by lots of great colleagues. The year to come will be no different, I know. (Yes, I’ve googled the new writers I have yet to meet. Yes, I’m all atwitter.)

I don’t blog much. My sense, however, is that the purpose of this, ibrokemythesis, is to show you, the public, what we, Wyoming, are all about. In the following months I hope to provide here lots of different features: profiles of students new and old, profiles of teachers new and old, profiles of our visiting writers, profiles of Laramie, interviews, stories, poems, essays, musings, pictures, and so on. The blog will certainly continue with updates regarding publications from Wyoming students and teachers. And there are many!

I say I. I hope. Really, the goal here is collaboration. This is in our own words, after all. It’s right there in the title. Go on and look. It’s plural. It’s all of us.

If you’d like, then, you can check out some things right now, before the features arrive. We have links to journals and blogs—made and written and edited by current MFA students. We have events coming up too. Please browse. Please, please browse.

Welcome, everyone. Or welcome back.



Tim Raymond

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