honorable mention

the UW MFA website has been named one of the top ten (er, twelve?) MFA websites by Seth Ambramson for The Huffington Post.

this is exciting to current students as it means more traffic in/out/around our program’s internet presence, which means even more and wonderful prospective applicants/future mfa’ers continuing to build a good thing here in laramie.  this is exciting for faculty and administrators who work hard – and so consistently behind the scenes – to benefit the program and the students and who deserve the opportunity for praise & thanks.

earlier this year, when the uwyo mfa broke the top-50 in the poets&writers rankings, visiting author/eminent writer of the universe rattawut lapcharoensap offered the words below in response.  we thinks they are relevant, again, now:

lists like these can be a little silly and nefarious.  they seem to imply that there’s no difference between mfa programs in creative writing and college sports team.  (their metric and ranking system seem suspiciously similar, no?)  they’re especially silly for the “bigger,” more established writing programs; nobody needs reminding, for example, that the iowa writer’s workshop is generally considered a “good” place for aspiring writers.  and the idea of “ranking” mfa programs seems so illogical as to almost be a form of American insanity.  but for “smaller” or less established programs, the list can confer public legitimacy and, more importantly, alert prospective students to the program’s existence in the first place. (rattawut lapcharoensap, via gmail, september 2010)

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