Scott Rosenberg makes waves

UW’s creative rhetorician *slash* resident musician, Scott Rosenberg (aka Scott Pinkmountain) has made Mathias Svalina’s “ABCs of 2010 Music.” According to Svalina, Pinkmountain’s “Roamin’” was one of two CDs he was given this year – having bought only vinyl himself – and is worth checking out. See the complete list of 104 songs he picked as the best songs he heard in 2010, not including his vinyl, on his blog “Yes, Starlings! Yes!”

Below is the YouTube video of “To Love is to Die” by Scott Pinkmountain and the Golden Bolts of Tone that is also on Svalina’s blog. Mathias Svalina was one of five visiting writers—Kazim Ali, Eula Bliss, Julia Cohen, and Anna Moschovakis—during UW’s Writers & Publishing Symposium this past November. Svalina is the author of Destruction Myth (CSU Press 2009) and is co-editor of the online magazine, Octopus Magazine, and the small press, Octopus Books. Check out Pinkmountain’s interview with Yoni Wolf at A Public Space and look for his interview about music and poetry with poet, philosopher, and musician Jan Zwicky in the 2011 Owen Wister Review.

–Adam Million

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