wild, west

because of our time spent in this particular stretch of the country… we are forced to think, often, about cowboys and indians.

from a doctor’s report following american troopers killed by cheyenne, arapaho, and kiowa warriors:

Major Joel H. Elliott — two bullet holes in head; one in left cheek, right hand cut off; left foot almost cut off; [penis cut off]; deep gash in right groin; deep gashes in calves of both legs; little finger of left hand cut off; and throat cut.
Corporal Harry Mercer, troop E — bullet hole in right axilla; one in region of heart; three in back; eight arrow wounds in back; right ear cut off; head scalped and skull fractured; deep gashes in both legs; and throat cut.
Corporal William Carrick, troop H– bullet hole in right parietal bone; both feet cut off; throat cut; left arm broken; [penis cut off].
Private William Milligan, troop H– bullet hole in left side of head; deep gashes in in right leg; [penis cut off]; left arm deeply gashed; head scalped; and throat cut.
Corporal James F. Williams, troop I– bullet hole in back; head and both arms cut off; many and deep gashes in back; [penis cut off].
Private Ferdinand Lineback,  troop M– bullet hole in the left parietal bone; head scalped and arm broken; [penis cut off]; throat cut.
Unknown– head cut off; body partially destroyed by wolves.
Unknown– head and right hand cut off; three bullet and nine arrow holes in back; [penis cut off].

–excerpt from Custer’s Official Report of the Battle of the Washita, December 22, 1868.

we must ask: where did all the [penises] go?

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