the place people go to research & interpret

our week-long residencies at the shortgrass steppe research and interpretation center (for second year, thesis writing mfa students) begin this week.  as if wyoming wasn’t isolated enough, we get put up in a big house on the plains in a room of one’s own.  and we write.  without the distractions of: teaching, grading, coursework, sex.  how will we fill the hours? with prose and poetry, of course.

sample to do list for the week at shortgrass:

  • finish novella
  • edit/polish old short stories per workshop comments
  • complete rough draft of thesis
  • artist statement?
  • think about writing the next great american novel
  • discuss at length the race/gender/socio-political dynamics of sex and the city 2

the future looks bright with unstructured time.   we will compose with great haste and creative urgency.  like ewan mcgregor in moulin rouge, tearing sheet upon sheet from the antique type-writer.

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