Bolivian current affairs in metaphors.

first year non-fiction student Irina Zhorov put new photos up online, and they were too good not to share.  The images &  writing (some of which can be seen at her blog) document her time spent abroad with Bolivian miners.  Of the work, Miss Zhorov says…

Bolivia is the Saudi Arabia of lithium (this is good) but what if its lithium deposits become another Potosi (this is bad). Potosi, meanwhile, Bolivia’s glaring symbol of the Never Again, is still standing. Sort of. After close to 500 years of unsustainable exploitation, the mountain is collapsing on itself and its work force has a live-for-today attitude that breeds unsafe work conditions and perpetual disaster on the mount. At the same time, its long history and rich traditions sustain the Potosi miner as an almost mythological figure within Bolivia. I spent the summer there, in thin air, underground, learning and drinking. And taking photos.


land line.


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