show & tell: book arts, spring 2010

last spring, a few of us mfa’ers enrolled in book arts, an art/english course team taught by Alyson Hagy and Mark Ritchie. let us say that we underestimated the amount of time and effort that goes into physically creating a book from raw materials, beyond the arduous task of merely generating content.  we laughed, we cried, we made books.  and it was a really great chance to view composition as something more dynamic than simply typing.  our creations:


much of kelly's work revolved around her love of insects & former life as a scientist "in the field."

a peek into the interior world of kelly herbinson.

stephanie dugger (evil, like the fruit of the devil) found creative ways to present her poetry.

estella soto spent hours in photoshop manipulating an old barney's catalog & flirting with the guy at kinko's to give her a discount on the price of printing 18 double-sided glossy color pages for her final project: replacing simon doonan's catalog narrative w/her own short story.

katie schmid proved herself to be more than just a poet: she can sketch with the best of them.

the faculty came out to the reception to show their support. andy fitch engaged in the art of reading.

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